Enjoyable Stats


Considering statistics can often be like time spent watching paint dry.  But these numbers really are interesting.  An AT&T study says that 7 out of 10 business callers are placed on-hold.  85% of those callers will wait if there’s a message on hold, but If there is none, 88% will hang up.  And you’ll be disappointed to know that most of them, 66%, will not call back. Just to confirm the value of good on hold marketing messages, the same study confirms that a sizeable portion of callers made a purchase after hearing an offer while on hold.


Telephone Marketing ‘101’


It’s a fact.  Impact On-Hold helps a small business make a bigger impression and lets a big business seem warmer, less impersonal.  What we’re saying is this; any company can profit from carefully crafted on hold marketing messages designed to promote their products and services, and keep their callers attention.  And it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to do it.  Compare the cost of the Impact On-Hold system to other advertising media, print, television or radio.  Dollar for dollar, on hold marketing messages deliver big results for very little money.