On Hold Dreams


Or is it madness?


Maybe you’ve been there yourself.  You have nothing but a telephone in your hand, but it’s completely silent. You know you called someone but it’s been so quiet for so long that you can’t remember who.. You wonder if you’re still connected and you fight to stay awake. Or, you imagine yourself in an elevator with a painfully bad saxophone screeching in your ears and you can’t stop it and you can’t get away.


Sound familiar?  It’s what happens too often when we call some businesses and are put (or abandoned) on hold.


The Impact On-Hold Solution


A recent poll conducted with business people all over the US and Canada, revealed 100% agreement that every business should have marketing messages playing for customers waiting on-hold. (Exponential Solutions, January 2014)  Think of your on hold callers as an audience that you want to interest, inform and do business with. Keep your callers on the line and even before their call has been answered your on hold messages have begun the marketing process.


We’ll help you with, or even write your messages, we will provide you with on-hold marketing programs you can be proud of, and you will have our promise of dependable support and service.