When it comes to the on hold message programs, different businesses have their own unique needs.  That’s why we offer three different plans, with three different prices designed to satisfy your particular needs.  Your business may need frequent message changes; on the other hand, you may be a ‘startup’ or simply the kind of business for whom a ‘one-time’ production may be fine.


Premium Plan

Update every 3 months!
$165 per update

Yours is a dynamic business. You’ve got exciting products, and great customer services. For you, smart marketing isn’t just important, you can’t be without it! You’re a leader and year round, you’ve got what your customers need and want, but you’ve got to let them know. With the Premium Plan’s quarterly updates your customers will listen and learn. And with frequent changes of messages and music, they’ll always be glad they called.

Power Plan

2 Updates per year
$195 per update

Things change. What your customers wanted in January may not interest them in July. Year round, you’ve got what they need and with the Power Plan’s twice yearly updates you can tell them all about it as they wait on hold. And besides, you get fresh, new music.

Just Once

Annual Updates
$220 per update

Spring, summer, fall and winter, the temperatures change; but 12 months a year, your product and services don’t! You know you need on hold marketing messages and you want to stop ‘hang-ups’. So maybe the ‘Just Once’ plan is right for you. Besides, you can always update anytime.

Just pick the plan that’s best for your business. And remember whichever you choose, the price you see here is the price you pay. No additional installation fees, monthly fees, no annual charges, and no contract required.