At Impact On-Hold, we’ve got a pair of digital on hold players designed to stop the hang-ups and generate business.


USB 40-B – $199

The USB 40-B professional on-hold digital audio player is truly state of the art. It has an industrial designed extruded aluminum case for many years of service and carefully selected electronics for great digital sound quality. This player has an auto Restart feature in the event of a power failure, so you’ll never have to worry about a loss of your audio files, and the USB 40-B has a 5 Year Warranty on parts and labor. Solid, dependable equipment and it’s so easy to use. Just ‘drag and drop’ the MP3 audio file from your computer to the USB flash drive, insert it into the player and in seconds your messages will be playing on your telephones.


USB 40-B Technical Specifications
5.8W X 1.7H X 5.2L Inches

2.3 Pounds Including Power Supply And Packaging

LED Indicate
Red LED Status Light

Loading MOH Drive

Memory Type
Non-Volatile USB Flash

Memory Capacity
Up To 16 Gigabytes ( Shipped with 128Mb Drive)

Sampling Rate
8K to 256K Stereo – Auto Detected By Player

Maximum Files
Up To 512 MP3 Files

Message Playback
Continuous or Trigger Controlled

Output Volume
Continuously Variable

Dual Audio Outputs
600 Ohm Line Level – 8 Ohm

Power Supply
120VAC 60Hz to 12VDC @ 500mA

Built In Wall Mounting Tabs

Test Speaker
Built In With Push On/Off Switch


Versaplay – $299

With Versaplay, there’s no more dragging, dropping and copying, and no need for your assistance, thank you. It’s wonderful, it’s simple, and it’s called ‘remote download’. Your on-hold messages sent direct from our studio to your player via the Internet. The new Versaplay player gets its own emails with on hold messages attached; and it doesn’t need anybody’s help to follow instructions. It erases old messages, replaces them with new ones, and then it starts playing them on your telephones. And it does all that while you’re sleeping or taking care of your customers. With Versaplay’s remote download, there is nothing for you to do, other than enjoy your great new impact on-hold marketing messages.


Versaplay Technical Specifications
5.8”L X 5.2”W X 1.7”H

2.0 LB With Packaging

Player Status
Led Status Lights

Message Loading
Via Email

Memory Capacity
2 Gigabytes

Sample Rate
64K to 256K

Message Playback

Built In Mounting Tabs

RJ45 Ethernet 10/100

8 & 600 Ohm

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