Telephone Roulette


It’s a fact. The first contact many people will have with your business is at their end of the telephone. And the chances are statistically better than even that they will soon be placed on hold.  That’s when what’s called, ‘telephone roulette’ begins.


And the question becomes, will the caller still be there when the phone is answered or will ‘dead air’, awful music, or dull messages kill the conversation you might have had and the business you might have done.  Too soon and too often your caller has left the line, fled the scene, hung up the phone, leaving you with a monthly 1telephone bill but, no sale.


The impact on-hold advantage


You know that effective, interesting, on-hold messages can improve your image, result in more sales and ensure your callers will still be there when the phone is answered.  And we know that each impact on-hold production is a powerful reflection on the firms and businesses we represent. We’’ll help you with, or even write your messages, we will provide you with on-hold marketing productions you can be proud of, and you’ve got our promise of dependable support and service.

Working together, we can reduce the incidence of telephone roulette.